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Don’t Miss Out on Our Karate/Kickboxing BOGO Special!

Have you had a chance to check IT out? Our Black Friday Sale is still on! HapKiDo students and Kickboxers- now is the best time to extend your membership for a double amount of training for half off! Pass on the info to friends and family – they might also be interested in HapKiDo and/or Kickboxing after they hear about our Special! Black Friday Special runs through Monday!!

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Karate and Kickboxing BOGO Special!

I just wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to take a look at this awesome deal! After Monday, it’s gone!! Deals apply to BOTH HapKiDo Karate AND Kickboxing! Your luck doubles today!!

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T-Shirt Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research! – Loganville Karate

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month brings in all sorts of emotions for people – from pain to hope. If not pain from a breast cancer lost, then hope from a survivor or a fighting loved one. Mixed emotions are always involved with this month.

Kickin' Cancer T-Shirt Fundraiser!

Kickin’ Cancer T-Shirt Fundraiser!

Not all of us are in the medical field, but it is still important to show support to those who can do something about breast cancer. Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville all throughout October has actively collaborated with students to host a fundraiser. By selling and wearing custom made Choe’s HapKiDo t-shirts, ALL PROCEEDS go to the Susan G. Koman Foundation in support of breast cancer research and raising awareness.

With an increase of research and medical access, there is a higher chance to fight for life. As Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville makes it a practice to defend lives, we hope to help with this medical cause as it could increase someone else’s chance to defend and survive. With a collaborative effort from all people possible, we can find a cure for Breast Cancer.

If you would like to purchase a Choe’s HapKiDo Breast Cancer T-Shirt, please visit the pink link to order. All funds go to this great cause!

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Written by: Christie McGowan

Loganville Karate Helps Students with Concentration at School!

Written by: Christie McGowan


Success appears beautiful because the work to get there demands a series of ups and downs, a mixture of good and bad times. Some people may associate success with education, but it is really the opportunities of having great teachers that help people achieve their goals. As there are many great teachers in the world, sometimes students need extra help outside of class. Making time for extra help and practice benefits everyone, regardless of the subject.

Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville is here to assist anyone who wants to improve his or her mentality. With a little bit of martial arts training, students from elementary age and up see improvement in their studies because HapKiDo practice improves the ability to concentrate.

In school, good concentration skills allow students to finish work, turn in assignments, take effective class notes, and study hard. As a result of good habits and hard effort, then students earn A’s. Sometimes students do not realize the importance of concentration until they receive hands on training.

HapKiDo training in Loganville inspires students to always strive for the next level up. From dedication to class and to consistent practice, students witness achievement when they earn belts. To them, a new karate belt feels like an A+. When students start seeing the benefits of studying for something they love like martial arts, they see the practicalities of studying for everything.

Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville also like to show support of the importance of doing well in school. Through our award system, HapKiDo students are also acknowledged for accomplishing great levels at school. As a result of our martial art culture and education support, parents see great improvement in their child’s concentration at school. And the best part – the students see and believe it too!

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It’s A Karate Birthday Party in Loganville! – Lessons, Cake, and All!

A Karate Birthday Party is like a spa for kids – their bodies and minds receive a great and fun refresher. From confidence rising from learning new martial arts skills, and to good energy increasing from the love of family and friends, a birthday star is born!

The kickin’ karate birthday party is more than a theme! Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville guides the party gang through a mini martial arts class, and everyone gets to feeling and participating like a ninja. Kids will learn basic training, kicks, and more! The constant encouragement from the ecstatic martial arts instructors and the continuous of awesomeness throughout the party will have everyone leaving full…and it’s not from the cake and ice cream! That’s only part of it. The kids will gain new levels of confidence and respect from engaging in a martial art like HapKiDo that promotes character development for all its students.

Kids and parents bask in the fun of the karate birthday party, and they cannot wait to have another one with us! Kids and adults alike excitedly attend their free karate class trial weeks after the party is over. Family fun doesn’t have to stop at the party, it can become a frequent activity at Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville. Our family classes allow everyone to bond while learning useful self-defense and receiving a great workout.

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*Written By: Christie McGowan

Why Loganville HapKiDo Works!

By: Christie McGowan

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THE MORE EXERCISE PEOPLE CAN SQUEEZE IN THE BETTER! According to studies, people who sit for six or more hours a day are at risk for health problems. Activities that influence us to sit for long periods of time include office jobs, driving, video games, eating, watching T.V, and studying. Overall, people need to exercise for a minimal of 30 minutes a day. By spending time to work out, the body has the opportunity to stretch and relieve stress.

If you’re looking for something simple, then the type of exercise doesn’t matter. However, people need to find an enjoyable exercise if trying to maintain a routine. A sport like Choe’s HapKiDo Karate in Loganville allows individuals to train in self-defense while receiving a great mind-and-body workout.

Here’s how:

1. Meditation, stretching, and warming-up are vital to a strong form in HapKiDo.


2. Kicking drills and tumbling raise the heart rate!


3. Training pays off!


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Karate Is Better When You Share It

Writing Contributor: Christie McGowan
Student at Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville

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Training update: I recently passed another belt test! The success now allows me to enter yellow belt training!

The first few tries of practicing double inside kicks brought me back to ballet class, when trying to nail a series of single pirouettes. But unlike pirouettes that call for precision and poise, each spinning kick ended with loud yells from the gut. In the words of my friend Emily, who came to class with me a while ago, “It’s (karate) like angry ballet!”

Emily made the first day of yellow belt training memorable. As she is the first person to approach me about karate lessons, I couldn’t help but feel excited to bring her to class. After days of figuring out a mutual schedule and finding out that we’re both huge Harry Potter fans, she participated in her first day of karate training – and it is thanks to the free trial offered at Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville. Her session had her stretch, kick, yell, somersault, and learn a couple of self-defense techniques. She mingled with my HapKiDo peers and found she liked them. She cannot wait to come back again!

Meeting new HapKiDo students is always a pleasure and sometimes brings me back to my first day. But I now know it is a different feeling when you help a friend on his/her first day. It definitely becomes a new topic/hobby to talk about and do.

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Christie’s Karate Tip of the Week: Aim for Flexible

Writing Contriubtor: Christie McGowan
Student at Choe’s HapKiDo of Loganville

Last Tip
Tip #6: Be Patient

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Training update: I am not too much of a newbie anymore. With the karate world, although I have many more new experiences to come, I don’t feel too new anymore. On top of being around for several months, I have gone from no uniform, to uniform, to earning school patches, to passing the first belt (white!), and now to anticipating the yellow belt test. But now there are more people signing up for HapKiDo, more new students! I admit, I do miss inhabiting the last spot in line (everyone stands according to belt rank), but it is amazing watching new students jump in on their first day.

However, with each day in training, I still pick up ways to improve in this martial art.

Photo (

Tip #7: Don’t underestimate the power of flexibility!

On one hand, being flexible in life involves time management. Depending on the situation, the success of a flexible week relies on how much control a person has. If it is not from having too much free time, then certain events are negotiable or adaptable. Regardless, deciding on what to do with time requires decision making – how much can a person handle without snapping?

On the other hand, having the body be flexible is hard work, but it pays off. While increasing muscular strength and muscular endurance are necessary, sometimes flexibility is overlooked. However, with all types of exercises, stretching is important: it allows a person to prepare the body for the physical work, and it increases the body’s capabilities. To start intense workouts without stretching is like eating one large meal, a person could get injured. That is why it is best to pace the amount of work, from eating to running to even writing.

From training at Choe’s HapKiDo of Loganville, students see how working on the body’s flexibility is relevant to performance. For instance, it increases the height of kicks, but it also improves the technicalities of them. One kick in particular requires the knee to be able to touch the shoulder before the kick. Technique like this is a reason to want to increase the body’s flexibility.

In a way, flexibility is an underlying strength that accompanies all movement. It is a slow and quiet process, but adding music in the background shifts the mind into a new zone: a person is able to exercise while meditating!

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