The Secret to Excelling at Cardio Kickboxing



To many, this word is met with groans and firm shakes of the head. Whether you’re biking, running, swimming, spinning, jumping rope or, of course, kickboxing, it can seem overwhelming and intimidating.


“I can’t do it.”


This part of the workout is where we kickboxing instructors at I Love Kickboxing Loganville hear these words many times.

10 seconds into the round, your body is warming up.

20 seconds in, your heart rate is gaining momentum.

30 seconds in, your heart feels that it’s at its maximum speed and you’re gasping for air.


We’ve all been there.


Here’s the secret to excelling at cardio kickboxing (or any cardio workout):




Control your breathing.

—It’s that simple.

Here’s the basic idea:

Each thrust of energy should be in combination with either an inhale or an exhale.

Many people unintentionally hold their breath during grueling combinations. This technique not only tires them out quickly, but they become unnecessarily overexerted. The key is to slow your breathing to a controlled pace in order to keep your heart rate slowed. Athletes aren’t born with equestrian lungs,  but they have over time mastered the art of breathing.

Practice breathing from your gut, which allows deeper breaths, rather than from your chest. To figure out which breathing technique you’re doing, do about 10 minutes of cardio. When you’re finished, assess how your breathing moves your body: 1) Breathing heavily through your chest moves your shoulders up and down, or 2)  Breathing heavily from your diaphragm or “gut” moves your abdomen in and out, which is what you want. The greater the oxygen intake, the greater oxygenation reaches the worked muscles, resulting in fueling them to work faster, harder, and longer.

Let’s use the first combination as an example on how to practice breathing from your gut: Jab, Cross

If you’re working on technique or strength (slower movements)

Jab: breathe out

Cross: breathe out


Jab: breathe in

Jab: breathe in

If you’re working on speed (faster movements)

Jab: breathe in

Cross: breathe out

1. Breathe in Patterns

As combinations progress to more intricate combinations, maintain control over breathing and remember each kick, punch, elbow, or knee should be accompanied by either an inhale or exhale, depending on what your body needs at that moment.

2. Practice

If you’re new to this breathing technique, it may feel difficult and foreign at first. It may even feel like you’re not getting enough oxygen. STICK WITH IT. After a couple of weeks, your body will automatically respond to cardio with this breathing technique and it will feel completely natural.

3. Keep Going

Now that you’ve trained and strengthened your lungs, something you once thought was tough, you can go test your body to see what else it can do. Your body can always do much more than you think; test it, push it.


Keep fighting,

Idaliz Seymour


Healthy Living Takes Legit Hardwork- Loganville Kickboxing

Writing Contributor: Christie McGowan

. . .

The more people care about their health and appearances, the more they know about healthy living –there aren’t any shortcuts. All the quick fixes out there pick on people’s weight and apparel insecurities. These magic miracles may make people feel good, but it’s only temporary. Whatever consequences these tricks make, they still don’t solve issues. And if they worked, there was some sort of sacrifice.

Health Methods that You Should Question


It’s great when you find clothes that make you feel sleek, badass, and sexy. But watch out for super-tight clothing. The following information is found in Jaimie Dalessio’s “5 Ways Clothing Can Make You Sick.”

  • Skinny jeans and belts contribute to reflux and heartburn if they are pressing up against the abdomen.
  • Spanx and compressing undergarments can pinch nerves which can lead to meralgia paresthetica.
  • Tight ties and shirts can cause poor blood circulation.


A treatment that can be found in spas, body wraps are also advertised as a weight loss solution. As they make people appear slimmer, it only lasts for a couple of days (Kathleen Doheny “Body Wraps for Weight Loss). It’s like a spray tan. If you want to maintain that slim level, you have to body wrap more often. And if you’re going to use them, watch out for the ingredients used in body wraps – especially if you have allergies.


Either you’re giving up food, or risking the body with various drugs. But these two ways can result in mood swings, fatigue, and damaged tissue (Cynthia Sass). While the results may seem worth it, consider the bad side effects.

Exercising and healthy eating bring out every positive result possible that a person can gain: weight loss, muscle gain, energy, clear skin, etc. They are long developed healthy solutions that people don’t have to question. If maintaining exercise through walking or running aren’t keeping you interested, then try I Love Kickboxing Loganville. This training will promote the consistency to exercise, while feeding you healthy eating tips. Being around people who make healthy living a lifestyle will rub off in only positive ways.