Why Loganville HapKiDo Works!

By: Christie McGowan

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THE MORE EXERCISE PEOPLE CAN SQUEEZE IN THE BETTER! According to studies, people who sit for six or more hours a day are at risk for health problems. Activities that influence us to sit for long periods of time include office jobs, driving, video games, eating, watching T.V, and studying. Overall, people need to exercise for a minimal of 30 minutes a day. By spending time to work out, the body has the opportunity to stretch and relieve stress.

If you’re looking for something simple, then the type of exercise doesn’t matter. However, people need to find an enjoyable exercise if trying to maintain a routine. A sport like Choe’s HapKiDo Karate in Loganville allows individuals to train in self-defense while receiving a great mind-and-body workout.

Here’s how:

1. Meditation, stretching, and warming-up are vital to a strong form in HapKiDo.


2. Kicking drills and tumbling raise the heart rate!


3. Training pays off!


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Healthy Living Takes Legit Hardwork- Loganville Kickboxing

Writing Contributor: Christie McGowan

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The more people care about their health and appearances, the more they know about healthy living –there aren’t any shortcuts. All the quick fixes out there pick on people’s weight and apparel insecurities. These magic miracles may make people feel good, but it’s only temporary. Whatever consequences these tricks make, they still don’t solve issues. And if they worked, there was some sort of sacrifice.

Health Methods that You Should Question


It’s great when you find clothes that make you feel sleek, badass, and sexy. But watch out for super-tight clothing. The following information is found in Jaimie Dalessio’s “5 Ways Clothing Can Make You Sick.”

  • Skinny jeans and belts contribute to reflux and heartburn if they are pressing up against the abdomen.
  • Spanx and compressing undergarments can pinch nerves which can lead to meralgia paresthetica.
  • Tight ties and shirts can cause poor blood circulation.


A treatment that can be found in spas, body wraps are also advertised as a weight loss solution. As they make people appear slimmer, it only lasts for a couple of days (Kathleen Doheny “Body Wraps for Weight Loss). It’s like a spray tan. If you want to maintain that slim level, you have to body wrap more often. And if you’re going to use them, watch out for the ingredients used in body wraps – especially if you have allergies.


Either you’re giving up food, or risking the body with various drugs. But these two ways can result in mood swings, fatigue, and damaged tissue (Cynthia Sass). While the results may seem worth it, consider the bad side effects.

Exercising and healthy eating bring out every positive result possible that a person can gain: weight loss, muscle gain, energy, clear skin, etc. They are long developed healthy solutions that people don’t have to question. If maintaining exercise through walking or running aren’t keeping you interested, then try I Love Kickboxing Loganville. This training will promote the consistency to exercise, while feeding you healthy eating tips. Being around people who make healthy living a lifestyle will rub off in only positive ways.

HapKiDo’s Self-Defense Tactics: Still Targets vs. Moving Targets

Writing Contributor: Christie McGowan
Student at Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville

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HapKiDo’s style of self-defense teaches people how to block in three ways: hand against hand, hand against weapon, and weapon against weapon. From day one of training, students learn the essentials of defense such as kicking, punching, and escaping strategies. Overall, training consists of practicing on still and moving targets.

Students at Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville experience hands-on the differences between practicing defense on still targets versus moving targets. Still targets include kicking targets of all sizes, while moving targets consists mainly of sparring opportunities.

With more experience, students see how practicing both styles complement each other. For example, still targets permit one to practice moves at his or her own pace. It is a chance to practice theory and technique. If the student misses a target, he/she can try again. On the other hand, sparring has a complete opposite effect to where missing has consequences. As a result, sparring demands speed, timing, and accuracy.

Out of the two styles, sparring looks more intimidating. But like everything else, it is less scary with more practice. Sparring may seem extreme, but this part of training is to help prepare the body and mind for self-defense in real life.

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**More information on sparring:

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Karate Is Better When You Share It

Writing Contributor: Christie McGowan
Student at Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville

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Training update: I recently passed another belt test! The success now allows me to enter yellow belt training!

The first few tries of practicing double inside kicks brought me back to ballet class, when trying to nail a series of single pirouettes. But unlike pirouettes that call for precision and poise, each spinning kick ended with loud yells from the gut. In the words of my friend Emily, who came to class with me a while ago, “It’s (karate) like angry ballet!”

Emily made the first day of yellow belt training memorable. As she is the first person to approach me about karate lessons, I couldn’t help but feel excited to bring her to class. After days of figuring out a mutual schedule and finding out that we’re both huge Harry Potter fans, she participated in her first day of karate training – and it is thanks to the free trial offered at Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville. Her session had her stretch, kick, yell, somersault, and learn a couple of self-defense techniques. She mingled with my HapKiDo peers and found she liked them. She cannot wait to come back again!

Meeting new HapKiDo students is always a pleasure and sometimes brings me back to my first day. But I now know it is a different feeling when you help a friend on his/her first day. It definitely becomes a new topic/hobby to talk about and do.

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