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Exercise cannot be substituted by daily tasks that require using the same muscles repeatedly. If exercise is not added to your daily lifestyle, chances are the muscles in your body need to be worked out. In a way, exercise is saying “I love you” to your body. Once you start and maintain a regular routine, your body reaps in many benefits such as weight loss and more energy. Exercise also helps those with health problems like asthma, reflux/GERD, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

But the key about exercise is consistency. In most cases, it is about finding the right exercise. If you don’t like running, weight-lifting, or swimming, then what do you do?

Reasons to go healthy and start exercising motivate all who participate in I Love Kickboxing Atlanta. And the main attraction of kickboxing is that it’s fun. The hearts of kickboxers feed off of the high energy from everyone yelling and kicking and pushing to their limits. Once these fitness-crazed people start, they keep coming back for more.

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Writing Contributor: Christie McGowan


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