Martial Arts Lesson of the Week – Connecting Mind and Body

Different styles of martial arts all have one common theme; using the mind and body as one. It is easy to dismiss it simply as a physical workout, but important to remember that it is much more than that.

With any kind of martial art typically comes meditation, one of many methods in exercising the mind. It is usually done in a manner of sitting down, eyes closed, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, and preparing your mind and body for what is about to come. Most importantly, it allows for oxygen to run through to your brain and relieve stress.

Additionally your mind plays a significant part when doing physical training and conditioning as it will determine how long you will be able to handle the intensity of the workout. Therefore, by training your mind to overcome greater lengths and amounts of workout, you will be able to have even better results.

The mind and body work together in order to achieve excellence. One allows the other to improve. As you’re practicing martial arts, your mind will memorize how much your body can handle and send it signals; on the other hand, your body will perform against the limitations you set for yourself and improve with repetition.

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