Why Martial Arts Is Great For Children With ADD!

Now as a parent, there’s a chance you’ve noticed instances where your child may be easily distracted, uninterested, or unwilling to listen (at least the first four or five times you alert them of something that requires their help.)  The truth is…your child is incredibly smart! However, their keen perception can cause them to act up at times and even challenge authority-not because they mean to, but because they have a difficult time controlling their minds. Nowadays, we commonly refer to this as ADD, or in cases where this also applies from a physical standpoint, ADHD.

Though I have never officially been diagnosed (and many children haven’t), I would easily fall into one of the two categories. This has been the case my entire life, which is also almost as long as I’ve been a martial artist. Choe’s Hap Ki Do in Loganville, GA provides excellent martial arts classes for children, especially in cases of ADD or ADHD, because Hap Ki Do is both a mental and physical exercise.

At Choe’s Hap Ki Do, through our martial arts classes, children will learn to concentrate to as a second nature. We place a strong emphasis self-control and the ability to focus in everything that we do. Though your child may not realize how they have improved, I’m sure that you will! Visit us at www.loganvillekarate.com! You won’t be disappointed!


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