My office assistant and her family decided a while back to build a greenhouse to have their own sustenance minus harmful things like pesticides and to better control the quality of food. My assistant, Sidney, declared once that she hopes the operation will grow large enough to provide green foods for those who can’t afford the expense. With this kind of sustainability, our community can grow healthier and have more opportunities for healthy options. Sidney’s mindset focuses on the sustainable – a rare commodity in today’s time.

We all live in a world of the unsustainable. Energy is no longer as renewable as we would like. Tensions are constantly high. Renewable sources dwindle over time. It seems that the least we can do is revive ourselves within the sanctity of our homes… As fast as we run these days, we never have time to recharge our batteries – our renewable resource can no longer be renewed. We become our own unsustainability. The truth becomes evident in these confines. The truth is that we destroy our bodies with the food we insist on consuming. The truth is that we let ourselves waste away with no physical exertion. The truth is that we can prevent this loss and this deterioration.

Polly, my wife, who has severe rheumatoid arthritis, makes changes constantly to keep her body going. Sidney, who has spinal problems and pains in her joints at all times, made herself give up sugar and grain for the sake of being able to keep moving forward. Of course, I don’t expect anyone to do anything so drastic, but even just some physical activity can help a body slow the deterioration.

My concern is similar to Sidney’s. I want to help the community. That, my friends, is one of the many reasons I decided to open a martial arts studio.


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