The Open Relationship

We’ve all heard the signs. We all know the symptoms. The open relationship with fitness.

“Yeah, I do ____, but I tried something else because ____.”

“No, really! I work out! I just haven’t in ____ weeks because ____.”

“This piece of fried chicken in my hand is not a result of no self-control. I deserve this.”

The excuses are endless.

It’s the same with HapKiDo. As a type of fitness, people often find excuses to stop coming with the same frequency as they one had or even altogether. While it takes time to get into the habit, the payoff proves worth every class taken. Work gets in the way. School creates too much stress. It’s been a long day, and you just don’t want to fool with an old man telling you how to kick or punch. Maybe you would like nothing more than to punch me. We just don’t know.

I’ve noticed a great portion of people go home after work, school, or whatever it is they do and sit in front of a blinking box for hours before going to bed. Instead of sitting in front of the box, go do something physical. Go run around the neighborhood. Go do ten pushups. Come to class like you paid for.

End the pandemic.

Get moving and get in shape.


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