Let’s Play Concentration

As the years pass at the studio, I’ve seen many fidgety, fidgety people. Whether they’re four or forty, people often fiddle with this article of clothing – tug at that strand of hair. Those in the formative years in life are surrounded by  a barrage of external stimuli. It’s no wonder that distracted behavior pervades our lives! For children, adolescents, teens, semi-sentient silicone life forms, young adults, adults and… well, pretty much every breathing, conscious being, distraction comes as naturally as air to the lungs. While distraction draws our attention away from the important things (oh, look! there’s a shiny object!), the most valued things in our lives become diminished. Grades drop. Work performance dulls. Zeal for life grows drab.

Here, at the studio, we see these idiosyncrasies and recognize them immediately. We work with them through the many times where distraction wavers focus. Potential discipline may pose as a great enough motivator to correct the lack of focus. However, push ups or a special thing we like to call “thinking position” is needed, at times. How quickly the fidgets get out of their system when they have to do push ups! This may seem harsh to some, but the only way to get through to people sometimes is to enforce the rule.

This rule carries over into everyday life. Sometimes harsh reality hits us in the face as our distractions provide undesirable outcomes. As our students progress, with occasional reminders, focus improves. And so do the other portions of life where distractions drag us down.


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