Belt Tests and Loud Voices

This past weekend, our students took part in their monthly belt test. Over the month, I make a list of students who seem to be progressing with their tasks well and, over time, find myself crossing off a few names. This past month, however, I found fewer and fewer students unprepared for the daunting task before them. A staggering sixteen students progressed to the next level of training.

The chief complaint about our school, as a whole, lies within the fact that our students remained quiet even at their loudest yell.

There’s a time and place to be loud – boisterous even, but our school, filled with the meek and mild, strives to help students punctuate their lives with appropriate exclamation points, ellipses, commas, and even question marks. The highest level testers found themselves progressing well; however, without those exclamations, they went largely unnoticed. It seemed that the younger the student, the louder the yell. Perhaps they’re more vivacious and excited about life. Boy, do children work in mysterious ways!

As a whole, we all could learn a lesson from the younger students and take on their mindset.

“Don’t be afraid to get excited!”

“Don’t be afraid to get loud!”

Punctuate life fearlessly and move ever forward.


One thought on “Belt Tests and Loud Voices

  1. Just remind them that the louder they yell, the better it gets. Try vocal warmups. Once everyone’s gotten loud, maybe it would be easier for them!

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